Gordon Chan

Gordon Chan is a content maker and co-founder of Be Rich Diary.

My Story

As of July 2021, I have been a university student for two years, and I am now pursuing my dream. 

Talking about dreams, everyone got their dreams. Some may say they want to be an astronaut; some may say they want to be a lawyer. When I was a kid, my dream was to become a doctor since I wanted to make a lot of money to provide what I could for my family. What I hope is that they will never struggle with money again. 

However, when I start to grow up, I realized that I am not an academic learner. And since then, I have given up my childhood dream and chosen another path to achieve what I have hoped for, to be an entrepreneur. 

After I have finished my HKDSE exam in 2019, I worked hard every day with my lifelong friend Marcus Cheung to think of brilliant thoughts for starting a business. We have come up with a lot of ideas. However, we never initiate any of them since we always have an excuse that stops us from taking our first step. It’s not the time! We lack money!… We kept thinking and thinking, but never did we try to give it a shot.

Everything changed in Oct 2020, after I have read a book, the Rich Dad, Poor Dad, written by Mr. Robert Kiyosaki. It is really my life changer. It has cleared up every fallacy I got about becoming rich and help me to define my dream as well — not to become a doctor or an entrepreneur but to become wealthy.

In the past, I thought becoming rich was arduous, and the only way we could become wealthy was to study hard and get a well-paid job or do something great. It was once the right mindset of getting rich in the old days. However, things do not work like that again after the Nixon shock, an economic policy shift that took away the gold standard. All savers in the past now become losers. And they pass on their “financial IQ” to their child and tell them to follow what they did in the past, study hard, find a well-paid job. On the contrary, the rich learn how the world has changed, and they know how to preserve their wealth and make money. As a result, the rich get richer the poor get poorer.

That’s what’s happening in the real world. People who work hard never get what they think they deserved, while the smart ones always get what they want with no sweat. To those who are born in poor families (I am one of them), financial freedom seems impossible to achieve. However, Mr. Robert Kiyosaki, in the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, points out that everyone could achieve financial freedom as long as they are willing to learn and enhance their financial IQ, think like the rich and act like the rich.

Being, Doing, Having

Shakti Gawain

Since I have been enlightened by Mr. Robert Kiyosaki, I have started to learn how the rich think by reading numerous books written by wealthy people, such as Talmud, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, and more. Of course, I did also read several books published by Mr. Robert Kiyosaki such as Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant: Guide to Financial Freedom, FAKE: Fake Money, Fake Teachers, Fake Assets: How Lies Are Making the Poor and Middle-Class Poorer, and Why The Rich Are Getting Richer and more. I learned a lot from these books, and I am sure I will continue reading more and more books to learn as much as possible.

Apart from learning how the rich think, I have also read numerous books about personal growth, as I believe personal growth is an essential part of one’s growth, maturity, success, and happiness. I have read several books such as Think and grow rich, Secret, and more, figuring out ways to improve my physical, mental, and spiritual intelligence.

Other than reading books, I have also enrolled in multiple online courses such as stock trading, house flipping, blockchain technology, accounting, digital marketing, creating a website, and more. 

Topics that my articles are about (Currently)

  1. Financial Literacy💰
  2. Personal Growth 🚀 (Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Intelligence)
  3. Stock Trading 📊

Reason For Starting This Blog

I have put over 4000 hours in learning and reading things about how to be rich, investing, and personal growth. However, I can’t say I am an expert or a professional. There is a lot more for me to learn and experience. 

The reasons I started this blog are, first I want to record everything I have learned. In one of the books that I have read — Input, the author points out that people tend to learn better when they are learning under the premise of making an output. I thereby want to write and publish articles about what I have learned to make me much better at memorizing what I have acquired. 

Another reason I have become a writer of this blog is that I like helping others. Often, I found that people lack positive values about life, financial literacy, and more. And I want to help them simply by teaching and sharing. 

There is a lot more to say when talking about why I started this blog, but they are way too much to be included here. So, maybe I will talk more about them in my articles.

My Bucket List🚀

1. Become a Millionaire💰

2. Having multiple sources of passive income 📩

3. Travel Alone ✈️

4. Start a business 🧳

5. Have a Wikipedia Page about me 📄

6. Write a book 📚

7. Visit seven wonders of the ancient world 🌇

8. First Class Travel 🕶️

9. Go for a vacation without any preparation 🛄

10. Explore a desert 🏜️

11. Go to the space 👩🏻‍🚀

12. Become a guest of a talk 🎤

13. Have a story done about me in the news 🗞️

14. Mastering several instruments (Piano 🎹, Violin 🎻, and guitar🎸 are my favorites)

15. Run a marathon 🏃🏻

16. Become a billionaire 💎

17. …

Getting in Touch?

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2. Email 📩 — If it’s a longer thing, please email me realgordonchan@gmail.com.

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